Profile: Becky Santoro of Foster Village

COVID delivered a blow to an already strained foster care system. Therapy and support service availability dwindled. Courts delayed hearings. Abused and neglected children lingered in bad situations. But Becky Santoro and her team at…


Essay: Rekindling a Tortellini Tradition

My dad panned the counter, awkwardly clutching his laptop to show me doppio zero flour (a specialty flour used to make pasta) and a glass bowl containing minced chicken, egg, nutmeg, and pecorino Romano filling….


Profile: Lynne Daley of Bank of America

She marched (and jumped) through a 22-year Army career—and uses what she learned to help other veterans at Bank of America


Podcast: Interview with Anna Christie (on the Emetophobia Help Podcast)

A discussion of my history with emetophobia and the article I wrote for the Washington Post.


Podcast: I Come as a Thief (on the 6-Minute Stories Podcast)

When the bell rang on a Friday afternoon, I ran to my locker to meet Eryn. The only thing standing between us and a slumber party with girlfriends was a quick trip to procure snacks….


Humor: My Superfood Cupcake Business Ruined My Life And Drained My Bank Account And The Same Fate Is Available To You Today

Hi there, farmers’ market shopper! Feeling sluggish today? Come alive with a $14 superfood cupcake! It’ll change your life just like it changed mine. For example, if I don’t sell all of my cupcakes —…


Essay: Barely Visible

Since my mom died after my second wedding, I don’t have anyone to tell me if my mustache is showing. * When I was ten, Mom walked past the bathroom where I sat on the…


Articles: How To Kiss Someone Like You Mean It

Kissing is a form of communication—a body language if you will—but how to kiss someone, even if you’ve been making out for years, isn’t always clear. (Not to mention the fact that the last couple…


Podcast: No Laughing Matter (on the 6-Minute Stories Podcast)

The night before my mom’s funeral, I sat in my dad’s office, once my childhood bedroom, and tried to write a eulogy.


Essay: My Therapist Says I’m Apologizing Wrong

I stood at the sink and glared at my husband, Paul, who traipsed through the kitchen in his shoes. Again. “I forgot my phone,” he said, creeping back out on tiptoe as if to deposit…


Humor: I Opened This Neighborhood Florist Shop Because I’m Thirsty for Power and You, My Employees, Better Be, Too

Listen up, ladies. Our name isn’t Barb’s Best Blossoms because we’re running a charity here. Do we arrange FRESH CUT GERBERA DAISY BOUQUETS with little cards on picks that say “Thinking of You” to make…


Profile: The Home Edit: Charlotte Edition

Brave Broth founder Joanna Reule and Simplicity Organizers owner Laurie Martin team up to replace clutter and chaos with clean and calm


Humor: Literary Quotations, Revised to Explain the Very Good Decision to Take a Pandemic RV Trip

Herman Melville — Moby Dick “Call me Crazy. Some weeks ago — never mind how long precisely — having little or no appetite for air travel, and nothing particular to interest me or my family in quarantine, I thought we should…


Humor: Realistically Renewed Vows, Four Years After Our Wedding

It is with sincere ambivalence that I re-pledge my love and commitment to you today, four contiguous years after we first said: “I do.” You’re my best friend, confidant, and person who takes out the…


Humor: Dorothy Parker Explains Remote Kindergarten

The best way to keep the children at home is to make the home atmosphere pleasant, and let the air out of the bike tires. Not that they had anywhere to go.


Humor: Nine Mindfulness Practices to Help You Endure Virtual Summer Camp

Summer camp for kids is cancelled. In lieu of a refund, you agreed to a week of virtual camp: one 67-pound box of glue crafts, 15 Zoom check-ins, and countless chances to lose your shit…


Humor: Everything I’m Afraid Might Happen If I Unmute Myself To Speak During A Large Class On Zoom

I’ll forget what I was going to say. I’ll forget what I was going to say and everyone will be annoyed and roll their eyes and mouth “COME ON, YO.” I will start speaking just…


Essay: I Planned To Take A Psychedelic Trip To Battle My Anxiety

I showed up at my therapist’s office in January pulsing with big news. Normally, I’d take my time settling in, checking my phone one last time for texts from my children’s teachers and making small…


Essay: Knotted Ribbon

Shortly after my husband and I moved to Charlotte from Chicago, I made a trip back to Illinois to help my dad go through my mom’s things. In the basement, I found a bag of…


Humor: Password Recovery Questions for Women Who Kept their Names after Marriage

Name the street where you grew up with parents who modeled independence. Which childhood friend uses your husband’s last name to address holiday cards to you because she “values family unity?” On the bathrobe you…


Humor: I’m Ready For My Slightly Overdue Bikini Wax In Your Salon

Hey! Hi. You don’t remember me? Well, it’s been a little while since my last wax. Yes, it has been over a year. Okay, two. That’s not normal? No, no, I didn’t know that most…


Humor: How to Talk to a New Mom

If You Are Her Partner Be casual. Ignore how she’s deep lunging around the coffee table and crying louder than the baby. Ask how her day went. When she stares back at you in Tuesday’s…


Humor: Daily Itinerary of the Two-Week Old Green Eggplant in My Refrigerator

6:00: Wake up when the refrigerator door opens. Light! It’s been fourteen days since The Woman spotted me in the produce section and said, as she lifted and turned me in her hand, “Hmm, maybe.”…


Humor: Seven Mishaps at Whole Foods That, Looking Back, Were Only Partially My Fault

My sincere apologies for the way I reprimanded my children for running their kiddie carts into my heels. I didn’t mean to beat my chest and roar, causing that woman to jerk the wheel of…



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Can Certain Foods Really Reduce Your Cancer Risk? (The New York Times, 2023)

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Tetris Helps My Stress and Anxiety Fall Away (Wired Magazine, 2021)

Learning to Love Again (Unity Magazine, in print, 2021)

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The quiet shame of parenting with a fear of vomiting (Washington Post, 2021)

Barely Visible (HaveHasHad, 2021)

My Daughter Convinced Me to Host a Backyard "Restaurant" in the Middle of a Pandemic (Good Housekeeping, in print and online 2021)

What to Do if a Young Child Expresses Dark Thoughts (The New York Times, 2021)

My Therapist Says I'm Apologizing Wrong (Elemental, 2021)

Rekindling a Tortellini Tradition with My Dad (Unity Magazine, in print, 2021)

In her last days, my mother built a bridge to the grandchild she'd never meet (Washington Post, 2020)

Key Ring Chronicles: Knotted Ribbon (McSweeney's Internet Tendency, 2020)

I Planned to Take a Psychedelic Trip to Battle My Anxiety (Huffington Post, 2020)

A Simple Observation (on Italian Language and Living) (Ovunque Siamo, 2019)



Pumpkin Carving with Kids BINGO (The Belladonna, 2023)

Dorothy Parker Explains Remote Kindergarten (McSweeney's Internet Tendency, 2020)

I am a Mom Who Hates Adventure, and I Have a Bone to Pick with You, My Zipline Tour Guide (The Belladonna, 2022)

Password Recovery Questions for Women Who Kept Their Names After Marriage (The Belladonna, 2020)

I Opened this Neighborhood Florist Shop Because I'm Thirsty for Power, and You, My Employees, Better Be, Too (Points in Case, 2021)

My Superfood Cupcake Business Ruined My Life And Drained My Bank Account And The Same Fate Is Available To You Today (Slackjaw, 2021)

I'm Ready for My Slightly Overdue Bikini Wax in Your Salon (The Belladonna, 2020)

Realistically Renewed Vows, Four Years After Our Wedding (Slackjaw, 2020)

Everything I'm Afraid Might Happen if I Unmute Myself to Speak on Zoom (Slackjaw, 2020)

Literary Quotations, Revised to Explain My Very Good Decision to Take a Pandemic RV Trip (Weekly Humorist, 2020)

Nine Mindfulness Practices to Help You Endure Virtual Summer Camp (Points in Case, 2020)

How to Talk to a New Mom (Slackjaw, 2020)

Seven Mishaps at Whole Foods that, Looking Back, Were Only Partially My Fault (Points in Case, 2019)

I Am the Middle-Aged Jumper at the Trampoline Park Who's Definitely Not Too Old for This (Points in Case, 2019)

Mindfulness Hack: How to Use 4th of July Consumer Explosives to Augment Your Meditation Practice (Little Old Lady Comedy, 2019)

Daily Itinerary of the Two-Week Old Green Eggplant in My Refrigerator (The Belladonna, 2019)



How an Old Blog Pulled Me Out of My Writing Slump (Brevity Magazine blog, 2024)

How Humor and Essays Became Timeshare Partners in My Brain (Brevity Magazine blog, 2022)

It's Nothing Personal: How Essays Make Secrets Seem Silly (Brevity Magazine blog, 2021)



Becky Santoro of Foster Village (Charlotte Magazine, in print, 2022)

Lynne Daley of Bank of America (Charlotte Magazine, in print, 2021)

Home Edit: Charlotte Edition (Charlotte Parent Magazine, 2021)



My essay, A Hand to Hate or Hold, won 5th place out of 846 entries in the Writers Digest 2023 nonfiction contest (coming online and in print May/June 2024)

1st place in the Charlotte Writers' Club Nonfiction contests in 2019-2020 and 2023-2024

Finalist in Charlotte Lit's 2022-2023 nonfiction contest

Finalist in the WOW! Women on Writing's Q2 2024 creative nonfiction essay contest.

No Laughing Matter (6-Minute Stories podcast, a reading of one of my favorite essays from the Luck and Opportunity print anthology, 2021)

I Come as a Thief (6-Minute Stories podcast, a reading of my essay from the Trouble print anthology, 2021)

Emetophobia Help podcast S2E6- I was interviewed about the story I wrote in the Washington Post (2021)

Judge's comments halfway down the page on my contest-winning essay, Queen of Birthdays (2020)

New York Times Parenting published my "Tiny Victory" in their January 30, 2021 newsletter: "I used to get mad when my 3-year-old dumped out soap in the shower; but now I buy the cheap liquid stuff on Amazon, refill old pump-top bottles, and let her go to town. She gets clean, and I get 20 minutes. — Nikki Campo, Charlotte, N.C."

My essay is featured on Good Housekeeping's freelance pitch guidelines web page

Two of my stories were featured on award-winning journalist Amy Paturel's website as examples of how to build character in essays

The story of how my annual holiday update letter came to be also made the spotlight in Amy Paturel's newsletter and blog

Chicken Soup for the Soul has published two of my stories, in this book (Nov 2021) and this book Feb 2022)