Nicole Campo

Why I Write

This Samuel Johnson quote on a pillar outside the Main Library in Uptown Charlotte says it all.  I write both, because I am both — silly and serious.

We All Need Rebar Beneath the Surface

I started thinking about rebar the other day while walking through a parking lot that was under construction.  Rebar is that grid of rugged steel bars arranged where concrete will eventually be poured.  It provides a layer of strength beneath the surface.  It looks rusty to me, but it doesn’t matter because once the concrete…

My iPhone Says I’m a Baller and I’m Going With It

When I try to type “napper,” my phone autocorrects to “baller.” Usually I’m writing something about the baby when this type-o occurs (e.g. “she will NOT be a car-only napper, so help me God”), but sometimes I’m the one who’s napping. I got to thinking after so many of these corrections that maybe my phone…