Hi! I write essays and humor. My writing has appeared in publications including the Washington Post, McSweeney's Internet Tendency, Huffington Post, The Belladonna, Points in Case, Slackjaw, Weekly Humorist, and Little Old Lady Comedy. The Charlotte Writers' Club awarded my unpublished personal essay, "Queen of Birthdays," first place in the 2019-2020 Nonfiction Contest.

None of those bylines would have made any sense to me back when I was a management consultant with a Harvard MBA. But now I can't think of anything better than doing exactly what I love (writing, not business), even though it took me half my life to figure out what that was.

I’m a small-town Illinois girl at heart, with an undying love of Chicago, but I’m currently living in Charlotte with my husband and three young children.

If you’ve made it this far: wow, thanks! If you want to read more, find me on Twitter (@nikkicampo) where I post all of my writing.